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Discover the power of Shamanism and what it can do for you.

Tues 15th December GMT CST (USA) EST (USA)

2 .pm Toronto

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In this free LIVE online workshop You’ll discover: 

✅ How to safely do a Shamanic journey so that you can begin explore the ways that Shamanism can free you from the mind-traps, beliefs & behaviours that prevent you from living a peaceful, happy life. 

✅ How to meet your Spirit Guides and Power Animals so that you can receive the direct guidance & healing that you need in your life right now (we’ll go on a guided journey together).  

✅ How to properly Interpret your Journeys so that you can put into action what you’ve learned and start creating a calm, centred life that you love.

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I've done an introductory workshop with Rhonda and went with no expectations, out of curiosity. First of all atmosphere was great, Rhonda was very friendly and did a great job putting all of us at ease and in no time we were all on our first shamanic journey, which was almost an overwhelmingly positive experience. Highly recommend Rhonda, even if you are totally new to Shamanism like I was

Ákos Czentlaki

Rhonda simply is a beautiful person inside and out! She oozes warmth and encouragement.

Highly recommended shamanic guide and Earth Angel

Sheryl Reedus

I was completely new to shamanism and attended the Introduction to Shamanism workshop a few weeks ago. I really didn't know what to expect but I left feeling empowered and so excited to start using the tools I learned. I'd highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to improve their inner health and wellbeing.

Wendy Dooner

Hi, my name is Rhonda McCrimmon

I’m a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and the founder of The Centre for Shamanism. 

I teach you how to use incredibly simple Shamanic techniques that produce quick results so that you can find freedom from the mind-traps that are keeping you from creating a life that you TRULY love. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and guided them through the process of creating a life of happiness and fulfilment.

It is my deep knowing that we are all Shamanic people and that everyone has a sacred birthright to access the guidance, healing and wisdom that the Universe has to offer in order to become that best version of themselves.

That’s why I’ve created this FREE Introduction to Shamanism workshop, because it is the first step on your journey to realising that potential.

Join a growing, global community who are realising that there is more to life than meets the eye.

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